Golf Performance Program at It's Working Out

Keep swinging for the hills (even as you get over the hill) with TPI Training

In golf, the most important piece of equipment is your body. We invest in fancy clubs, hi-tech balls and even high-performance golf shirts — we should also invest in training our bodies to be the most effective tool possible.

The majority of golfers experience decreased club head speed and distance as they age, a natural occurrence as the body loses fast-twitch muscle fibers. However, muscles are responsive to training and by focusing on speed and power-based exercises you can maintain your speed and distance.

At It’s Working Out you can train your body the same way that Phil Mickelson, Notah Begay, Rory McIlroy, Laura Diaz, Lindsey Wright and the entire David Leadbetter Golf Academy are — with TRX.

Our studio has four Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainers on staff. What does this  mean? Well, 22 of the top 35 players in the world are advised by a TPI Certified Expert and IWO is bringing it right  to Columbia Parkway.

TPI’s philosophy is focused on the physicality of the golf swing:
“We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; We believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. We do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club, and it is based on what they can do physically.”

TPI training will build your rotational strength and improve your flexibility to keep you at the top of your game even after your body naturally starts to lose fast-twitch muscle fibers.  The training also helps to build endurance and core strength to keep you on top through all 18 holes.

It’s Working Out’s golf-focused classes are anything but par for the course — the trainers will work on your strength and flexibility to improve your swing while preventing low back injuries. The classes will be unique, challenging, and hyper-specific to  your goals for the sport.

Small group TPI training classes meet 5 times per week and our foam rolling, stretching and yoga classes are also part of our Golf Membership.