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Here are the best ways to get started at It’s Working Out:


Interested in building strength, improving your cardio and increasing flexibility?

You’re going to love our combo of fitness classes! Our multi-level classes are led by certified and motivating instructors and are designed to progress and regress the exercises. That’s fitness geek speak for it’s easy to adjust the exercises to suit any fitness level.

Your first 30 days of classes is only $69. We guarantee you’ll see results. In fact, we’ll give you your money back if you attend 10 classes in your first month and aren’t satisfied.

Add on before+ after 3D Body Scans to your 30 Day intro package and maximize and measure your results!

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Want to track your progress with our 3d Body Scanner?

Getting scanned is convenient and easy. Simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform spins. You’ll receive 21 custom measurements and a razor-sharp high-resolution image that we can track and compare over time. A scan is non-invasive and harmless.

Get a single scan for $50, or 2 scans for $60


Wanting to improve your golf game?

Watch your distance off the tee increase and your scores on the links decrease as you participate in our Golf Performance Program. Our Titleist Performance Institute-trained instructors will conduct a full TPI assessment and fitness handicap analysis. “Increase Distance, Decrease Injury”


Looking for a personalized plan for maximum results?

Our personal trainers can help. We train real people, just like you, and we also work with high school sports teams. Our experienced and enthusiastic (sometimes too enthusiastic!) trainers will help you reach your fitness goals whether that’s completing your first marathon or fitting into last year’s jeans.

Prefer a complimentary consult instead? You can book that here.

I have more energy, have shed some pounds, and shrunk my waistline from TRX classes. The expertise of all the trainers makes the time fly by as we are working hard with good tunes and burning calories! Thank you TRX!
I’ve been coming to It’s Working Out for over two years. In that time, my handicap has gone from a 15 to a 10 without one golf lesson! I attribute this to improvements in my mobility which have helped me get the turn that my swing was missing.
I’m not the fastest rower or the strongest at TRX, but no one judges, and each day I improve. It is great to see results and to enjoy this wonderful facility. I’ve lost inches, regained energy and restful nights of sleep.
Working out with Nikki has been one of the highlights of my 2017! I was so nervous finding a new personal trainer after working with my old PT for over 2 years but Nikki has been such a seamless transition and I’ve seen more results from working out with her in the last 6 months then the past 2 years! In the last 6 months I’ve lost 2.25in around my waist! First off the facilities are beautiful and always clean! The equipment is top notch and the workouts Nikki puts together for me are AMAZING!