Increase distance & decrease Injuries with our Golf Performance Program

with Kristen, Nikki, Ashley & Ben - Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainers.

Our Golf Performance Program includes:

  • 5 weekly Golf Performance Classes

  • 5 weekly golf flexibility/yoga classes

  • Private TPI Assessment & Report every 12 weeks to track progress ($120 value)

  • 219/month (adults) or 169/month (high school program)

Why train with a TPI certified individual?



  • Improved mobility & stability

  • Increase distance

  • Core strength & balance

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Golf game longevity

  • TPI screen to identify your body’s limitations

  • Body/swing connection education

class schedule

Golf Performance Classes (note, Flexibility classes to the right are also included)

  • Mens - Mon & Thurs 7pm, Mon & Thur 6am, Sat 7am *All 20 weekly TRX classes are included in Golf Membership from 4/1-9/30 to give you more options during golf season!

  • Ladies - contact us if interested

  • High School - Mon & Thurs 4pm (Nov-March)

Flexibility for Golf & Yoga

  • Sun - 9:45am (year round) & noon (Oct-March)

  • Mon 8:15am

  • Tues 7pm

  • Wed 7:15am

If new to program, we will get your TPI Screen and Report completed as soon as possible so we can track your progress. Ideally, schedule the screen first so you can learn more about us and our program at your appointment.  

If you schedule the screen first, then decide to join the program, we will deduct the cost of the screen and report ($120) from your first month’s payment.

Download our Golf Program Brochure.

Call Kristen at 513.207.6933 with questions or to enroll.

After three months of attending Golf Performance classes twice per week, I gained ten yards with my irons and fifteen with my driver. The classes have helped my balance, flexibility and strength which all contribute to my full swing improving dramatically.
Oscar Zimmerman

Titleist Performance Institute body movement screens 

Swing Analysis & Video by a PGA Pro  If needed, we will help arrange this with one of our partner PGA pros.  After your swing analysis, Kristen, Nikki, Ashley or Ben and your pro will discuss findings and how they relate to limitations uncovered in the TPI movement screens to help identify and correct body movement patterns that negatively impact your swing. The body/swing connection puzzle comes together with this information.  We are not golf pros and do not teach the swing, it is important that we communicate with your pro, if you work with one, to best serve you. 

  • option to have custom online workouts delivered via our app or website login

  • without online workouts $120


If you attend 10 classes in your first month and aren’t satisfied, you get your first month’s membership fee back! (minus the cost of screen and report)
You will see and feel results…but don't take our word for it, read what our clients say:

I’ve been coming to It’s Working Out for over two years. In that time, my handicap has gone from a 15 to a 10 without one golf lesson! I attribute this to improvements in my mobility which have helped me get the turn that my swing was missing.
Every time I smack the ball long and straight, I thank IWO for keeping me able to enjoy the sport I love. My flexibility and strength continue to increase and my game continues to improve thanks to It’s Working Out. I highly recommend taking the TPI screens and participating in their Golf Performance Program.
I’ve been working with Kristen at It’s Working Out for a long time and love the fact that Kristen is TPI certified. That means Titleist Performance Institute which, of course, is meant to improve your golf game. After a video swing evaluation by your golf pro and a full TPI movement assessment, Kristen translates that info into an exercise routine which strengthens your particular weaknesses, that correlate to swing faults. She doesn’t teach the golf swing, she teaches your body how to capitalize on your abilities and how to strengthen what is weak. And, um... I shot a 77 on Saturday, so I’m guessing it works! If you’re a golfer, go there! If you’re not a golfer, go there! Her TRX classes and rowing studio are filled with enthusiastic people, energetic vibes, and excellent results!
Low back pain was wreaking havoc on my golf game and my life. Kristen identified areas I needed to work on from the TPI movement screens. I worked with Kristen and attended the golf classes and can now golf and live my life free of pain!

Call Kristen at 513.207.6933 with questions or to enroll