Why rowing?

Our state of the art WaterRowers create the perfect calorie burn while working your legs, core and arms!  It's Working Out rowing classes, led by certified instructors, are fast paced and engaging from the first minute.... no rowing experience needed.  Each WaterRower features a coaching monitor to provide feedback so you can gauge improvement over time. Option to have heart rate and calories burned on the screen during class and emailed to you after class.

  • Low impact

  • Works 85% of your muscles

  • HUGE calorie burn

  • Great cross training for running & cycling

  • Improves posture

  • Have fun! Get Results



$69 for 30 Days of TRX, Row & Yoga!

5 classes/week = $3.45/class
4 classes/week = $4.31/class
3 classes/week = $5.75/class


Looking for real results?

Rowing Studio Heart Rate Monitoring

Watch your workout in real time on the screen.  It's fun to witness "the perfect calorie burn" from rowing.  Heart rate monitors allow for fun contests, instant tailored feedback and results emailed to you after class.  Participation is optional.  Purchase a heart rate monitor in the studio or allow us to pair your own monitor to our system.  All ANT+ (Garmin, Mio, Wahoo, etc.) monitors sync to our system.


if you attend 10 classes in your intro month and aren’t satisfied, you get your money back! You will see and feel results…but don't take our word for it, read what our clients say:

I absolutely love the TRX and Rowing classes offered by It’s Working Out. The trainers are friendly and do a great job of facilitating the work out classes. I really enjoy the rowing classes which pushes me to get my cardio up! I would recommend this studio to anyone looking to get into great shape!
I’m not the fastest rower or the strongest at TRX, but no one judges, and each day I improve. It is great to see results and to enjoy this wonderful facility. I’ve lost inches, regained energy and restful nights of sleep.
How unexpected to be greeted by name when I walk into class. How welcoming, especially for someone new to the studio. I noticed the studio on my house hunting trip. Now that I have tried rowing, TRX and Yoga I am even more impressed! What a nice studio and quality teaching!

Cinncinnati’s only dedicated WaterRower Studio!

Parking for Row Classes:

Our Row & Train studio at 3540 Columbia Parkway is between our TRX studio and Allyn's Cafe.  Please park on a side street or in the community lot across the street at Columbia Square while rowing or training.  Please do not park in the TRX studio lot while at the Row studio.