TRX is an acronym for Total Body Resistance Exercise or, as we like to say, all core, all of the time! Using nylon straps anchored to the ceiling, it is a body-weight suspension workout first developed by a Navy Seal who wanted to be able to workout no matter where in the world he was. Put more simply, this workout improves strength and flexibility along with cardiovascular health. The endless number of exercises available with the TRX straps means that every class is unique and a novice can workout alongside an expert.



Row Class is a low impact cardiovascular workout with a huge calorie burn! Row classes are fast-paced, engaging and best of all; no experience is necessary. Seated on a state-of-the-art WaterRower (a super cool machine that barely resembles rowing machines of old), participants are lead through a series of Waves by certified instructors. This cardio workout offers great cross training for runners and cyclists. The sound of the water, the enthusiastic instructors and the incredible workout will keep you coming back for more!


Yoga & Stretch

Ahhhhh….just the word yoga makes you relax, doesn’t it? IWO Yoga allows muscles to stretch, relax and recover on your "off days" so that they can work harder for you on your "on days". In our comfortably warm studio, certified instructors design class to help stretch and recover the areas that get tight both from regularly working out and/or sitting at a desk: hips, chest, shoulders, neck, hamstrings and more. Add yoga into your workout routine and watch your results increase!



Personal Training is for real people seeking real results! Do you have a sports specific goal in mind? Need some motivation to take your fitness routine to the next level? Want a completely personalized workout to workout after an injury or surgery? Let one of our trainers customize a workout for you and your goals and watch how quickly you achieve them!


Golf Performance

The Golf Performance Program begins with a TPI Assessment based on the Titleist philosophy that an efficient club swing is rooted in personal fitness and flexibility.

This in depth movement assessment will be repeated every three months so that you can measure progress. There are several golf-specific classes each week -- come to as many or as few as you’d like! Our yoga and stretch classes are also included as part of this program. The more you attend, the more progress you will see in strength, flexibility and golf performance. And that’s the point, right?


Sport Specific

Sport specific training is designed to increase the strength and flexibility of an entire team during the off season. Both the TRX and RIP Trainers are portable, allowing us to bring your team's workout to your training room, field or stadium or you can train in our studio. Athletes in any sport including golf, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, cross country, track and field, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball or swimming can benefit from three dimensional movements not possible with other equipment. It's Working Out will create unique and challenging programs specific to your sports and goals.