What is TRX?

Using suspended straps and your own bodyweight, TRX (or Total Resistance Exercise) uses your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It’s incredible at creating results and is fun too. Give a TRX class a try, we think you’ll be hooked.

  • All core, all the time.

  • Improve strength, flexibility and cardio.

  • Suitable for all levels by changing your angle.

  • Low impact.

  • Endless number of exercises, keeps your muscles guessing.



$69 for 30 Days of TRX, Row & Yoga!

5 classes/week = $3.45/class
4 classes/week = $4.31/class
3 classes/week = $5.75/class

Looking for real results?


if you attend 10 classes in your intro month and aren’t satisfied, you get your money back! You will see and feel results…but don't take our word for it, read what our clients say:

I love that TRX offers me something different from running....as a marathon runner, I can see my running and overall fitness becoming stronger as I continue the TRX classes and strengthening my core.
I’m not the fastest rower or the strongest at TRX, but no one judges, and each day I improve. It is great to see results and to enjoy this wonderful facility. I’ve lost inches, regained energy and restful nights of sleep.
In 6 months of regular TRX and ROW (3-4 x /week), I have shed 15 pounds and dropped an entire dress size. I have more strength and endurance than I’ve had in decades. Thanks to the warm reception into this fun community, the instructors’ enthusiasm and encouragement, this couch potato is reformed!

We’re easy to find!

Between Allyn's Cafe and Starbucks in the heart of Columbia-Tusculum. Convenient to Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout and Cincinnati's East Side.

Where to park at the It's Working Out TRX Studio:

  1. In our TRX studio lot-when you are taking a class at THAT studio

  2. On the street: McDowell, Hoge and the dead end of Strafer (beside Starbucks)

  3. The community lot across the street at Columbia Square