TRX is a Great Complement to Yoga


Did you know that The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great complement to your yoga practice? Itโ€™s Working Out is the perfect place to take TRX classes AND Yoga with TRX to improve your yoga practice by strengthening your core and stabilizing your movements. Click here to view the TRX video and headstand progression instructions from Shauna Harrison, yoga and fitness instructor, and Under Armour trainer.

Below, Shauna explains the progression of using the TRX Trainer to learn the yoga headstand. Like many inversions, this pose is all about core strength and protecting your neck. This progression on the TRX Suspension Trainer will first help you establish your base and then safely help you develop the core strength and control to get fully inverted.

Progression One:
This is a TRX Plank on your forearms with your fingers interlocked. Your focus for this progression should be establishing your base through your arms and shoulders and engaging your core for a rock-solid plank.

Progression Two:
With your feet in the foot cradles and your arms in that strong foundation position, pike your hips up directly over your shoulders and let the top of your head rest on the ground.

Progression Three:
This is similar to progression two, but now only place one foot in the foot cradles and reach your other foot up over your hips. Make sure you do this with both legs.

Headstands can be exciting and intimidating, and this progression provides an excellent way to develop the foundation and confidence youโ€™ll need. Click here to check out the rest of our TRX for Yoga series including: Crow Pose, Backbends and Warrior Three.

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