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30 Day Challenge: Choose Your Own Start Date


Find YOUR Fit Challenge


  • This challenge includes everything from the “Group Slimdown Challenge“ (details below), except the additional Saturday challenge classes

  • Do this challenge solo, with a friend or your own group

  • Choose your own start date

  • Perfect for upcoming weddings, reunions, office competitions, etc…

Find YOUR Fit Pricing

  • $450- includes meal plan with recipes and clean eating shopping lists, success manual, body scans, goal setting, support emails, and unlimited classes

  • $600*- includes everything in the above ($450 option) + 2 personal training sessions per week (RECOMMENDED BEST VALUE) *For those new to personal training at IWO.

  • $900- includes everything in the above ($450 option) + 3 personal training sessions per week

  • All Personal Training sessions expire 30 days from the first session



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Commit to be fit!

Get ready to feel great and look amazing!
IWO’s very own Ashley Bealka is leading our FIND YOUR FIT Challenge


Find YOUR Fit is a transformative 30-day program that features:

  • Workouts, shopping lists, meal plans and camaraderie

  • Weekly workouts exclusively for challenge participants

  • Team competition

  • And the BIGGEST NEWS! IWO 3D Body Scan before and after!!

What’s included: 

IWO progress report-2.png


  • IWO 3D Body Scan at first and last check in!!  THE most accurate way to track your progress-lean mass, body fat AND posture.  This method is NOT affected by hydration status like BIA analyzers, such as InBody are. Plus, the results are VISUAL, not just numbers.  See full example report!

  • 2 private check ins with Ashley to set goals and keep you on track, ongoing support as needed

  • We will divide into two teams to help with accountability and fun!

  • Private Facebook group to motivate your teammates and banter with the other team.


  • All 40 weekly classes are included - recruit other participants to join you


  • Success manual given out at Kickoff launch with 30 days of recipes, shopping lists and success strategies.

  • Feel free to partner up with other participants to swap meal prep.


  • Party, prizes and group workout at end of challenge!

  • Banter between teams to increase accountability and fun.

  • We will have a winning team and 4 individual winners-hour long massage gift cards for winners.


  • Recruit nonmembers to join you for the challenge and you get $30 refunded per nonmember

  • Reserve your spot at least 10 days in advance and you can bring a friend for a complimentary IWO 3D Body Scan when you have your first scan

IT WORKS! Here’s what past participants say:

Check out a full blog post from one of our past participants:

At the end of the challenge, I was rescanned and I definitely saw results. I lost a whopping 13 inches around my middle, was down 4% body fat and 23.5 pounds. There’s a reason the studio is called It’s Working Out; because it definitely does.

-Ryan W.
— -Ryan W.
Our biggest success is that we stuck with it.  We definitely tried new foods and changed our eating habits.  It was a refreshing change, especially for me because I get tired of meal planning.
— from a husband/wife
The fact that I was rarely hungry seemed to prove that this is a good approach to nutrition.  I loved NOT counting calories.
My biggest success from the challenge was the commitment to doing at least 3-4 classes a week. I craved class and felt like I was missing something when I took a day off. I feel stronger!
I lost 10 pounds, but my biggest success is feeling healthier - less bloated, less aches and pains.
I just feel so much better that I want to continue eating this way!
I would recommend it to others!! The plan you came up with really is pretty simple to follow
I attained my goal of losing 7 pounds and I LOVED a majority of the recipes and will continue to make them.
I lost more weight than expected.  I stopped drinking coffee mate creamer without missing it!  I cut out weekday alcohol.

Get ready to feel great and look amazing.

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