We take a different approach to stretching, mobility and recovery…  

Our studio will be a comfortable 75-80 degrees and low humidity. Our certified instructors design class to help stretch AND recover the areas that get tight from regularly working out and/or sitting at a desk: hips, chest, shoulders, neck, hamstrings and more.  


Our Stretch & Roll Class will make you feel great

Sometimes the best recipe for workout success is recovery! Join us for flexibility, mobility and injury prevention. Class utilizes foam rollers, myofascial release balls, stretch straps, TRX stretching and more. Leave feeling awesome and moving better. Perfect for athletes and professional "desk sitters"! Decrease injury, increase blood flow, recovery and flexibility.

Sundays 9:45: STRETCH & ROLL (Rolling is also a part of Sunday 8:30 Row & Roll)

Mondays 8:15am: STRETCH & ROLL

Wednesdays 7:15am: STRETCH & RESTORE* (begins 10/1)

Wednesdays 5:45pm: STRETCH & RESTORE*

*STRETCH & RESTORE may or may not include foam rolling and myofascial release balls.

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Why should I try stretch at IWO?

Our multi-level classes are designed with you in mind.  Adding these classes to your workout routine once or twice a week will increase your flexibility, improve your balance and reduce your injury risk.  Allowing your muscles to stretch, relax and recover helps them work better for you in the long run!

I take TRX, why should I take stretch & roll or stretch & restore?

Our classes allow muscles to stretch, relax and recover on your "off days" so that they can work harder for you on your "on days".

I take IWO Rowing classes, why should I take stretch & roll or stretch & restore?

Our classes will help you gain the hip mobility and hamstring flexibility you need to shave a few seconds off of your split time!

I don't go to IWO, why should I take a stretch or any other class at IWO?

We can't wait to meet you! Actions speak louder than words, so please come get to know us.  The sooner you get to know us, the sooner you will know "fitness and fun"!



$69 for 30 Days of TRX, Row & Stretch!

5 classes/week = $3.45/class
4 classes/week = $4.31/class
3 classes/week = $5.75/class

Looking for real results?


if you attend 10 classes in your intro month and aren’t satisfied, you get your money back! You will see and feel results…but don't take our word for it, read what our clients say:

My favorite success since coming to It’s Working Out is the reduction in shoulder pain I’ve had. I play ALOT of tennis and almost quit due to constant muscle soreness and pain. With the help of Kristen and the IWO professionals, I’ve strengthened my shoulder to the point that I no longer worry about it when I play. Or, actually...ever!!
Kristen and her staff make this so fun and fresh you almost forget you are working out! Don’t be fooled though, this is an all over body workout you’re sure to feel the next day. Their enthusiasm keeps class moving in an upbeat fashion moving from triceps, to hamstrings, on to obliques, the whole while making it adaptable for every level of fitness.
How unexpected to be greeted by name when I walk into class. How welcoming, especially for someone new to the studio. I noticed the studio on my house hunting trip. Now that I have tried rowing, TRX and Yoga I am even more impressed! What a nice studio and quality teaching!

We’re easy to find!

Parking for Yoga Classes:

Our yoga and stretch classes are at 3546 Columbia Parkway, feel free to use our parking lot or park on side streets-McDowell or Hoge. The large lot across Columbia Parkway is also a “community lot”.

Interested in Private Yoga sessions?  

$75 for private session.
Private group classes also available.