Why Choose It's Working Out?

It’s Working out opened its doors in 2011.  Prior to opening It’s Working Out, founder and self-professed science nerd, Kristen McAuliffe, had been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 20 years. She had seen lots of exercise fads come and go (she can still rock the “aerobics grapevine” and feel free to ask her to show you her vintage Shake Weight).  Once Kristen was exposed to the TRX Body Weight Suspension methodology, she was hooked. Literally -- hooked. In the early days of the studio, you could find her hooking her TRX straps to swingsets and trees all over the city,  introducing Cincinnati to this revolutionary and effective workout.

  • Got a bum shoulder?  We'll give you modifications.  The instability of the TRX will help strengthen your shoulder girdle.

  • Released from physical therapy after an ACL repair?  We will assist you in progressing your routine at a rate that works for you.

  • Did your chiropractor tell you to strengthen your core to help reduce your back pain?  No problem! The TRX is "All core, all the time." We will encourage you to start at a level that is best for you and to progress as you gain strength.

Let us know your limitations.  Please respond to our welcome email that asks for your goals and limitations. We will enter these into your profile so all of our experienced trainers can help you achieve results via a safe and effective workout!


We know our stuff!

Our trainers hold some of the industry's most respected certifications: NASM Personal Training, ACSM Personal Training, ACE Personal Training, ACE Group Exercise, and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. We all hold certificates of training from TRX and several of us have completed the high level TRX Sports Medicine Training to better help our clients post surgery, post rehab or with injury prevention. Our rowing instructors have completed rowing certifications. We push you to work hard, but we also customize class to suit individual participant's needs.


We've been at it a long time.

Personal training, group exercise, coaching, triathlons, running, boxing, cycling, physical education....you name it! We have over 120 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Needless to say, we share a lot of information with each other and work together to deliver effective and fun workouts. We create workouts that help you get stronger, while reducing the risk of future injuries... we want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise your whole life!


Our TRX studio is dedicated to TRX training.

Have you used the TRX in the past? We encourage you to experience how classes at It's Working Out are different. Experience the versatility of the TRX and the creative way we fuse our classes to make the time fly by while you are completing strength, cardio, core, balance and flexibility in the same workout! PUSH.PULL.PLANK


Our rowing studio is dedicated to rowing on the WaterRowers!

Our rowing instructors hold nationally recognized certifications in personal training and/or group exercise and have completed certification on the WaterRower. Class sizes are kept small so we can keep an eye on your form and technique. Get the perfect calorie burn while working over 85% of the muscles in your body with minimal impact.... running and cycling can't claim that. LEGS.CORE.ARMS.


We love what we do! And you will too!

Exercise sharpens the mind, tones the body and feeds the soul. We enjoy getting to know our clients and helping them reach their goals — read some of our favorite success stories here.

Whether your goal is to complete a triathlon, lower blood pressure, improve your golf game, tone up, reduce stress or take off a few unwanted pounds - you will feel the positive attitude and support from our trainers and the camaraderie amongst our clients. We have fun and so do our clients!

We look forward to the opportunity to help you Redefine Results, while working with your limitations.