Vacation hack: Keep off those extra pounds without weighing your suitcase down


Has a flight delay ever left you sitting in the airport digging into your kid’s backpack for his or her M&M stash?

Or maybe you chose “Pizza-Flavored” Combos on the eleventh hour of your cross-country road trip...

We’ve all been there. And with summer road trips in the works, we might be there again soon.

Traveling can create a road block on your path to healthy living. Fortunately, you might own a solution more portable than a NutriBullet or treadmill. TRX straps: where you have the will and a palm tree or swing set you have a way (to exercise).


The TRX, as proven by some of our clients below, is not only a great solution to get workouts in while on the road, but it can function in more environments than behind a stark white hotel doorway.

A trip to the beach gets a twist when you get down to some Mountain Climbers on the resort porch. Since half of the TRX’s required equipment — you — can walk, there’s no need to lug dumbbells (and take up eight pounds of the allotted and precious 50…) in your suitcase. 

Heart rate monitors and FitBits can help keep you honest while you're away from the studio. Set goals before you take off and write down your results. Anyone can get through that last bicep curl with my enthusiastic encouragement ;), but make this trip a time to put your own motivation to the test.

Below is a full body strength workout for those looking to take TRX straps on their next trip. Use your new surroundings to implement variety into your cardio routine while you travel. Remember to modify to accommodate any limitations:

1. TRX Low Row 12-12-6*
2. TRX Chest Press 12-12-6* (Alternate exercises 1&2 to complete the 3 sets)
3. TRX Mountain Climbers 30-45 sec
4. TRX Hip Presses 30-45 sec
5. TRX Assisted Pull Ups 6*
6. TRX Balance lunges 30-45 sec/leg
7. Power Pulls 12/side adding a hop
8. TRX I-Y-T  30-45 sec 
9. Power Pulls 6* per side
           *Use the 6 reps as your challenge set, push yourself to fatigue the muscles

Use your TRX straps at your vacation destination like IWO members Deni, Karen and Nadine. Or make the most of interstate traffic like Nicole — the TRX goes anywhere, even when your car can’t.