Behind the scenes isn't glamorous:)

Hop to the left. Elbows up. Knee jerk. Jazz hands.

This might sound like a new workout routine I’m drafting up, but it’s actually the sequence of motions I go through to change out of my sweaty workout clothes into fresh ones in between classes. Sometimes the workout I get from this feat is my hardest of the day…

Hi there!  I’m Kristen, the owner of It’s Working Out.  I get asked on a daily basis what happens behinds the scenes here at IWO and how do I balance everything?  Well I’m here to tell you, it takes flexibility, passion and a great attitude to get everything done! And’s just as glamorous as you would think... ;)

Far from the “Fitfluencers” of Instagram, my days involve more on-the-go PB&J sandwiches than homemade Acai bowls. Considering, I recently found a sweatshirt of mine at the bottom of the bin where we keep resistance bands, it’s no surprise that Nike and Lululemon aren’t knocking at my door for sponsored content.

Beyonce’s hair radiating in front of a fan is glamorous… me on the other hand is anything but. However, I will say that standing in front of the turbo fan at the rowing studio to dry my hair after class really does do the trick!  The other day I followed-up this ritual by wiping down with Yuni Shower Sheets to get “country club ready” before an event. (That might be the first time “shower sheets” and “country club ready” were ever used in the same sentence…)

Balancing a small business, my own workouts, family, and fun can be a workout itself.  Fun Fact: I try to combine the last two as often as I can through our infamous FFF (Forced Family Fun) activities.  There is a behind-the-scenes to everyone, but from influencers’ carefully curated feeds it can sometimes feel like we must be isolated in our struggle to strike balance.

Sometimes our routines go astray (I think back to the time our studio flooded and I had to enact Forced Family Fun in the middle of the night as our family cleared water out of the space in our PJs). It’s important to remind ourselves that what we see on most social media feeds is only the good stuff, not always the real stuff.  Today’s schedules are hectic and sometimes we miss a workout or eat a PB&J or even get caught using a turbo fan as a hair dryer - what’s important to remember is that it’s all about finding a balance to help you stay on track to accomplishing your goals.