IWO From a New Participant's Perspective

Since moving to Cincinnati almost 5 years ago, what continues to amaze me is the strong fitness community I am surrounded by. Staying active is a huge part of my life and I care deeply about nutrition and how you fuel your body. Not only should we pay attention to what we fuel our body with, but also how much we are moving our body! Both of these factors are the key to a healthy and fun-filled life. A big part of my fitness routine is running, but I’m always interested in trying new classes that are different and classes that challenge me. 

I have had the opportunity to try 2 different classes at It’s Working Out and I loved them both. What I really enjoy about this fitness studio is that they offer strength, cardio and stretch classes. All of which I feel are a great recipe to prevent injury and workout boredom! I’m an early riser so I jumped at the chance to take their 5:45am TRX class with Caroline on Tuesday morning. I’ve only taken a handful of TRX classes, but I find myself enjoying them more each class because they push me to work on fundamental strength moves to make me a better runner. Caroline was upbeat and full of energy so if you’re worried about falling asleep during class, she will keep you awake and moving! TRX is a great workout because you focus on your total body and work out a majority of your muscle groups. I felt sore, but in a good way the next day and the “veterans” in class were so welcoming and helpful. 

My second class at It’s Working Out was ROW + Bosu with Jacque at 5:45pm on Thursday.  I’ve only rowed at the gym before and if you’re in the same boat, well this row machine is completely different! The rowers move so smoothly and it’s very easy to get into a rhythm. This class flew by and I liked how the class was designed into 3 waves where we would do various exercises to get our heart rate up on the rower. In between each wave we would use the Bosu and do varying exercises for your arms, core, and legs. I really enjoyed this because it worked out my whole body and you were moving the entire time! I was working up a sweat in no time and Jacque was so friendly and helped me out with setting up my rower before class. 

If you have any interest in learning more about your body composition, body mass index (BMI) etc then I highly recommend trying the 3D scanner that It’s Working out has! I was amazed with how much information I received in just a few minutes. This scanner can also let you know based on your fitness/weight loss goals what your calorie level should be to get there. I also thought it was very interesting how it told me what by body fat percentage was and how I compare to other people my age. I think this is something special that It’s Working Out provides and really provides you with the “whole picture” to help you achieve your personal goals! The trainers and instructors really care about you succeeding and they want to work with you to help you feel your best! 

Written by: Stephanie Murico RD, CSP, LD; Trail Mix for the Sole, LLC https://trailmixforthesole.com