Redefining Progress

It’s Working Out offers Styku 3D Body Scans to measure results

We’ve all been there.

After months of intense exercise and good nutrition, we step on the scale just to be disappointed by a number that we didn’t quite expect to see after all of our efforts.

This is where many of us give up on our health goals.

Not at It’s Working Out.

We have recently invested in a Styku 3D Body Scanner that provides our clients with a high-tech look at themselves as they pursue their fitness goals.

What started as a way to measure the body for custom clothing in 2012 had morphed into a metric for health and fitness only three years later, and now there are 900 instruments across the country.

Using a Styku 3D Body Scanner is as convenient, easy and non-invasive as stepping on a scale.

Our clients simply stand still for thirty seconds on a rotating platform while a harmless infrared sensor captures loads of information to tell them more about their current body metrics.

The technology captures hundreds of pictures and collects millions of data points to produce a high-resolution 3D image and 21 different measurements that can be analyzed.

Full of profiles, silhouettes and cross-sections, the reports help show how the numbers and percentages actually “look” on the body.

This makes it easy for our trainers to help our clients create programs through personal training or group challenges.

A second Styku 3D Body Scan tracks progress.

Comparing the two reports can reflect fat loss or lean muscle mass gain and, even, bone mass and postural improvements as well as changes in circumferences at the waist, chest and more.

Clients can overlay the 3D images to track even the smallest changes in shape.

Some clients have found the Styku 3D Body Scans to serve as motivation.

Katie Roberts, a 23-year-old mom who wanted to slim down and tone up her post-baby body, joined our group fitness challenge hosted in the spring.

In addition to a fun team competition, the challenge included three private check-ins with a personal trainer, six participant-only workouts, along with the opportunity to take up to forty classes each week, a grocery shopping guide, meal plans, recipes and, of course, a “before” and “after” Styku 3D Body Scan to track progress from the challenge.

Katie’s first scan in April showed a slight forward neck bend and, in body composition, an average ranking that trended a little bit toward the higher end.

“It told me that my body fat percentage was a lot higher than I would have expected it to be,” admitted Katie. 

Despite her busy life as a mom of an eight-month-old, Katie stayed committed to the challenge, in large part due to the fact that she knew she would have a second scan.

At the end of the challenge, her second scan showed that, though she was still in the average body composition zone, her fat mass had come down, she had lost about five pounds and she had trimmed inches off of her frame.

“The Styku 3D Body Scanner allows us to say, ‘You might have lost five pounds on the scale, but you have lost a lot of fat, some of which has been replaced with muscle,’” explained our owner Kristen McAuliffe.

In an overlay, Katie could see that her green, post-challenge scan was smaller in places than her red, pre-challenge scan.

“I lost several inches in five weeks, which is really exciting, and I wouldn’t know that if it weren’t for this technology!” reported Katie.

It also showed that her forward neck bend had straightened.

As Katie claimed, she wouldn’t have been able to see her true progress without the technology.

Health is more than just a number on a scale.

We offer TRX, Row and Stretch classes as well as personal training and a year-round Golf Performance Program for adults and a Junior Golf Performance Program from November to March. 

The next group challenge begins in October, however, if a client has a specific goal date in mind, we offer four-week transformation programs for individuals or private groups.

We are excited to offer this new, revolutionizing fitness tracking technology to both members and non-members.


Single IWO 3D Body Scan: $50

·      One Styku 3DBody Scan


Before-and-After IWO 3D Body Scan: $60

·      Two Styku 3D Body Scans – “before” and “after” to track progress

*The second scan must be used within 90 days of the first scan.


New Client Introductory Offer: $99

·      Unlimited classes for 30 days

·      Two Styku 3D Body Scans – “before” and “after” to track progress


Once you have purchased a package, please schedule your scan online (preferred) or email